Route Planning ERP Software

Saitec route accounting system is a custom ERP solution that captures and records sales transactions for distributors having mobile warehouses. This system is beneficial for distributors operating as direct store distributors, van sales, pre-sell, and delivery confirmation.

Our route accounting system is a complete software that helps the mobile systems function under the direct or indirect control of a central accounting system. In essence, it is a mobile point of sale system. Our route accounting system includes specialized functions and reports for mobile inventory control and management, mobile device management, remote settlement systems, and management reporting. These functions and reports help to streamline the accounting process for mobile businesses and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Saitec Bottling Plants


The objectives of Sales Route Planning are to help businesses plan and optimize their sales routes, track and manage their sales reps, and improve their sales productivity.

  1. To obtain through Coverage of the market.
  2. To establish a salesperson’s responsibility.
  3. To evaluate Performance.
  4. To improve customer relations.
  5. To reduce sales expenses.
  6. To allow better matching of salesperson to customer.
  7. To benefit salespeople and the company.

Functional Areas of Sales Route Planning

  1. Industrial Plants
  2. Sales Person
  3. Loading Point
  4. Off-loading Point
  5. Sales Area
  6. Customer Relations
  7. Time Management
  8. Sales Settlement
  9. Credit Management
  10. MIS
  11. Sales Team