Project Description

Payroll Systems

Saitec’s payroll system chiefly understands the employees at a particular point of time; it helps determine the employee’s salary or hourly labor wage. Our payroll systems calculate the net pay of the employee for a given pay period, after all deductions and benefits provided to the employees. Saitec Payroll systems can automatically cut checks to employees or have their pay automatically deposited into their bank account.

Personnel Systems

Our Personnel systems, on the other hand, look at employees over period, from the time they are hired until they retire or leave the company for other reasons. Personnel systems keep records of employee’s personal performance reviews, pay raises, how their pay compares with other employees with similar pay grade, and whether they are taking advantage of company savings and retirement programs.

Types of reports by Saitec's Payroll Software / HR Management System:

  1. Salary slip and salary summary
  2. Payment registers for Cash / Bank / Cheque and consolidated
  3. Bank transfer vouchers and list
  4. Provident Fund Statement: Form 12A (Monthly), Form 3A (Annual) and Form 6A (Annual)
  5. E.S.I Statement: Monthly, Form 6 (By-annual) and Form 7 (By-annual)
  6. Employee History and Record correction sheet
  7. Bonus Payable
  8. Group Insurance list
  9. Reimbursement payments
  10. Employee expense statement
  11. Employee annual salary ledger

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