Project Description

Warehouse Management System

Saitec warehouse management system (WMS) is a type of software which helps you manage operations in a warehouse including inventory management, picking processes, and auditing. It is an instrumental part of the supply chain, the primary goal of which is to track and control the movement and storage of product or materials within a warehouse, and process the associated inventory actions, including: receiving, adding, picking, quality control, shipping, reporting, and forecasting, with the addition of listing and channel management. A warehouse management system streamlines and facilitates processes and a product’s journey throughout the warehouse.

Consolidate Software for Warehouse Management is a software developed using Visual Basic and is compatible with MS SQL 2008 and Oracle 10g.

Note: Consolidate warehouse management is Customizable to specific user requirement

Fully customized Warehouse Management System includes:

General Customizations

User Level security can be configured to control the user access to Information.

User definable Transaction Types

Supports Multi-warehouse (User Definable)

Can be configured to use Barcode

Configurable with our Gate Management module

All statements can be viewed in Notepad and Excel and Printed directly on DMP.

Drill down view of data

Reporting and statements accessible across financial years

User definable Item groups (up to 10 levels)

Customizations for Purchase

Purchase Requisition / Indent


Purchase Order (can be directly emailed as PDF attachment)

Material Management

Physical Stock verification

Sales Invoice generation

Contra Challans for stock transfer between warehouse and transaction reversal

Purchase Bills Booking

Quality Control for Material Received

GRN and GIN based on the Transaction types defined

Reports You can get from Saitec's Warehouse Management System

Check List for transactions during the day

Offline GRN/GIN Printing

Party Stock Ledger

Priced Stock Ledger

FSN Analysis

Stock Statement

Consumption Statement

Excise Registers

Machine Expenses Reporting

Provision List (Pending GRN/GIN not booked against bill)

Purchase Order Status

Purchase Book

Sale Book

Reorder Statement for Critical Items

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